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Low Loader

Teknik Özellikler

1. Body Construction Details

  • Body Construction - All welded steel construction to with the material specification ST 37-2 or equivalent.
  • External Body Length: 6000 mm (external)
  • External Body Width: 2200 mm (external)
  • Subframe – Heavy Duty min. 120X60X4 mm hollow tube will be used to support the heavy duty operation, containing sliding platform moving system in it.
  • Platform – Heavy duty hollow tube profiles will be mounted on the top as a subframe with steel channel to enable the flat bed moving horizontally, min. 80x40x3 mm hollow tube will be used as cross members with a minimum pitch of 300 mm each.

2. Mechanical Systems

  • Hydraulic Equipments – will be assembled locally in our workshop, with the following Specs.:
  • Tilting cylinders – Two (2) cylinders to tilt the flat bed at the specified degree of inclination.
  • Moving of platform in and out is done via pulley-rope mechanism driven by 1 pc. Sliding cylinder and placed in main tilted subframe and will be produced by min.100x50x5 mm hollow tubes.
  • 2 pcs rear outrigger cylinders will provide the stability of Equipment during operation.
  • Sliding and tilting cylinders will have double over-center valve and double check valve on rear stabilizer cylinders for maximum safety of operation.
  • Hydraulic pump – made of TURKEY and with required capacity belonging to vehicle’s PTO’s out rpm, maximum pressure of 280 bars and continues pressure is 190 bars. One control valve will be mounted on the rear right side of the truck with four levers
  • Hydraulic Hoses and tubes – All hoses and tubes will be mounted on suitable places on subframe and vehicle chassis.
  • Control Lever – Four levers will be provided. One for Sliding , one for tilting, one for rear outriggers and one for the winch.
  • Sliding guide support – Heavy Duty polythene sliding pads will be mounted to guide and support sliding platform.
  • Hydraulic Winch – Winch with 10000 LBS or maximum pulling capacity of 4,5 tons.

3. Electrical Systems

  • One rear working lamp will be mounted on front piece of platform which will manually move up-down, left-right.

4. Accessories

  • Mudguards with mudflaps on rear tyres.
  • Spare wheel bracket, subject to the availability of space.
  • Grease nipples will be mounted on all pins.
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank with hydraulic suction type oil filter and level-temperature gauge.
  • PVC tool box on the right side of the truck.