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Kit Kamyon Kasaları

Teknik Özellikler

  • Thickness 1,5 mm to 3,5 mm
  • Lenght 60 m to 100 m
  • Width to 3 m
  • Tensile strength≧85Mpa
  • Bending strength≧15Mpa
  • Barcol hardness≧40
  • The thermal conductivity of FRP sheet is around 0.2W/M•K
  • FRP sheet is made by advanced continuous skin production line. The materials used are high strength fiberglass chopped strand mat and woven roving as well as superior unsaturated polyester resin.
  • The color gel coat used on the surface is of iso-phtalic-NPG based resin, FDA approved. It makes the surface smooth and bright, and has excellent gloss retention and aging resistance.
  • The surface of FRP sheet has a layer of high-quality gel coat, it gives the sheet better chemical stability against air, water and medium with general concentration such as acid, alkali and salt etc. The FRP sheet has a bright and clean appearance as well as good gloss retention. It is non-fading, resistant to corrosion, anti-sunlight and anti-aging. Its surface is very suitable to do colorful advertising.